Hi fellow novice, DIYer and engineer. I’m Nenad. Thanks for visiting Battery Scout.

I’m an explorer/scout in tech world, and of top of that I am an engineer of computer science. I played with all sorts of batteries a lot, since I was a kid. I distinctively remembered a situation when my remote racing car stop working, and I was just 8th years old. I took a screw driver and take my racing car apart to look what’s inside. The only part I can remove was battery. I show it to my parents and they bought me a new one. I replace it and car suddenly start working again. That was huge for me.

I was obsessed with batteries from that moment. And you guessed it, I learned a lot since then. So I started fixing all of my broken toys just by replacing a batteries. I couldn’t help myself but to fix them all.

Because I played with tech all the time that was the only one thing that brings me to become an engineer in computer science. Now I can build robots and program them. In other words bring them to life. From battery powered toys to robots, from kid to adult.

I created batteryscout.com website because I have a lot of knowledge to share with you. I know this website will be very helpful to anyone who are interested in batteries. You can read all sorts of battery related topics on my website and learn a lot from me.

Please stay welcome, and happy reading!