Can a power bank charge itself?

You may noticed that your power bank have one or multiple USB ports to charge other devices, such as phones and tablets. And also there is a USB mini port to charge a power bank itself from a power of a wall outlet. So, now you wonder what if you plug one end of a USB cable in regular USB port of a power bank and other end into USB mini port, or charging port. Can a power bank charge itself that way?

So, you might ask what would happen if i connected a power bank into itself? For a generic brand which is not manufactured by some of the recognized brand names, quality of a circuitry and a battery are poorly designed. If you’re owner of that kind of a power bank and if you connect it to charge itself you will probably end up with a short battery and it will eventually start leaking. You will get a dead power bank. On the flip side, if you have some of the known brand names power bank it will do nothing when you connect it to charge itself. This kind of power banks have very good circuitry and battery design which will detect that you connected power bank to itself and it will protect it from short circuit. It will probably start blinking in some pattern that you are not saw before. Don’t panic, because power bank has already cut off the connection with the smart circuitry inside. The answer is clear, if you have generic brand of a power bank do not attempt to charge itself, and if you have known brand name you can connect to charge itself but, you will get nothing. So it’s better not to attempt to connect any power bank just to be safe.

Can I charge my power bank overnight?

Power banks from known brand names usually have sophisticated charging circuitry. That tells us that we for sure can charge our power banks overnight.

What will actually happen when you leave your power bank to charge overnight or just simply forgot to unplug it from charger during a day is that when your battery reach 100%, or fully charge it will stop charging.

This way internal circuitry prevents battery to be overcharged and potentially explode for this reason.

But, I will personally leave to charge overnight just in case if I don’t have any other alternative.

You’ll never know, even with the known brand name, charging circuitry can fail and you may end up with overcharged battery, or simply with a dead power bank.

So the best way is to not leave your power bank to charge overnight.

If you have a power banks from a non recognized brand name, it’s best not to consider and leave it to charge overnight at all, at any cost.

Because this kind of power banks have poorly circuitry design which may not functioning as it needs too. And it will most likely fail when you most needed.

How long does power banks take to charge?

This depends on couple of factors. It depends on how large is your power bank battery, and it depends on how fast your charger can charge.

Most power bank chargers this days can charge up to 2A of constant current. So, lets say that we have a power bank with 10,000 mAh of capacity.

And our charger can charge with a 2A of current. With a simple formula we can estimate How long does power banks take to charge:

(power bank capacity in mAh) /(charging rate in mA) = Charging time in hours

If we apply our data to this formula we will get a result:

10,000 mAh / 2,000 mA = 5h

If our charger can charge with up to 1A of current then time to take to charge a power bank will double:

10,000 mAh / 1,000 mAh = 10h

Now you can use this formula with any power bank to calculate time needed to charge your power bank.

Lately there’s a new technology which is called Quick Charge, or QC for short. And there is already a couple of version of this type of charger: 2.0, 3.0 and latest 4.0.

With this kind of chargers your power bank need to support quick charge and must have USB type C port for charging.

As you can see from this, as a battery technology progress, and shrinks in size we will get power banks with larger capacity, and not only that, we will also get fast charging of this power banks and also ability to fast charge our demanding devices through power banks, such as mobile phones, tablets and now laptops.

Can I use my phone while charging on power bank?

Is charging with power bank bad idea while using your phone?

To be on the safe side I will tell you that it depends on what you want to achieve.

But, you can use your phone for sure while charging through power bank. It’s safe to claim that because no damage will be made.

Battery, both a phone and power bank will not explode or something similar. So again, it is completely safe to do so.

But again, from the other side, if you are using your phone while charging through power bank you will increase charging time of your phone, it will take a longer to fully charge your device.

Other things that you must consider are, if you are using your phone for gaming or some cpu intensive apps, your cpu will get hot.

Battery of a phone will also get hot while charging, so extra heat from a cpu will negatively affect battery life of your phone.

If you constantly gaming while phone battery charging you will decrease life span of your phone battery to a exposure of constant extra heat from a phone cpu.

Can I charge power bank and phone at the same time?

Most of the power banks today does not provide this feature.

Simply when you plug your power bank to a wall outlet it will cut off its USB output ports and it will not provide charge for other devices through this ports.

In the other side, we have a new technology which is called “Pass Through Charging”.

With this feature you can charge your power bank through wall outlet and also charge your phone through a same power bank at the same time.

This feature does just that. There is a big BUT.

For example if you are charging you power bank and charging your phone through a same power bank at the same time, your power bank will produce more heat due to charge and discharge process at a same time.

This will negatively affect battery life of your power bank, and will shorten its battery life in capacity over time.

So, it’s up to you to decide how to use your power bank. I will only use this feature if I had no other choice, and only rarely.

Why is my power bank flashing red?

When a power bank flashing red light and it’s plugged to wall outlet to charge, it means that your power bank is still charging.

When it stop flashing and shows constant red light or no light at all it means that your power bank is fully charged.

On some power banks there is a green light too.

When red light stops flashing green light lights up showing that your battery is fully charged.

How do I turn off my power bank charger?

There is a two types of power banks. Some of which have power button built in and some does not have any buttons at all.

Power banks with the power button you can turn off or on simply by pressing and hold power button for a 2 – 3 seconds.

Power banks that does not have any buttons at all have this feature built in. It will simply automatically shuts itself off when no load is attached on it.

And when you plug your phone to charge, power bank will automatically turn itself on and start charging your phone.

Can a power bank explode?

With a low quality and bad handling power banks can explode. Let me explain.

Low quality power banks with unknown brand names will tend to have poor quality components inside of them.

Which is often exposed to failure much faster then some with the recognized brand name power bank.

Ideally, a power bank need to have several prerequisites in order to be classified as a good one.

This prerequisites are:

  • Short circuit Protection
  • Over heat Protection
  • Over charge Protection

If power banks get short circuit it will get very hot and my catch a fire and even explode.

So the good power banks have this feature “Short circuit Protection” built in to protect device and users too.

When you charge your power bank or charge a phone over a power bank, battery will get warm or even hot.

When battery gets to hot it will degrade faster and it will lose capacity over time, so for that reason manufacturers built “Over heat Protection”.

And one of the most popular protection is a “Over charge Protection”.

When you leave your power bank plugged to a wall outlet to charge, you will not always be there just in right time when your power bank is fully charged.

Or even if you leave your power bank overnight to charge.

This feature allows your power bank when fully charged to cut off charging and not get overcharged.