How to charge laptop battery externally?

Maybe you have a spare battery for your laptop and you want to charge it while your primary battery is inside of your laptop? So, you wonder how to charge laptop battery externally? Or perhaps, charging circuit on your laptop is dead so you want to know how to charge laptop battery without laptop?

Obviously, the most reliable way of charging a laptop battery is to buy a second laptop with the same brand name and type, only for charging a spare batteries. And if your laptop charging port is broken and if your laptop supports docking station, you can charge your battery by docking your laptop to a docking station and then plugging power adapter from the wall outlet to the laptop docking station, because it have their own power jack. The worst case scenario is to crack open the battery casing and to remove Li-Ion batteries individually, and charge them with the wall charger which is made for those Li-Ion cell batteries.  

What battery percentage to charge laptop?

When it comes to is it safe to plug your charger to charge your laptop battery at some precise percentage, it’s safe for sure. You can plug in and charger it at any percentage.

Because laptop batteries are lithium-based, and that kind of batteries does not have memory effect like old Nickel-based ones.

So  you should plug your charger at any percentage to charge your laptop battery. And what is the safest maximum percentage to charge your battery you might ask?

If you can, always fully charge your laptop battery. But if you can’t, simply charge to whatever percentage suits your needs.

Like I mentioned before, Laptop batteries does not have any memory effect, and it is safe not to fully discharge and fully charge them at all.

But, you know that laptop batteries degrades, or stop holding charge like they were brand new. We should blame heat for battery degradation over time.

Heat is the biggest enemy when it comes to how much battery can hold its charge over time.

For example, if you’re using your laptop just for a light use, such as browsing the web, watch some movies or listening a music than your cpu and hdd will not reach temperature more than 40ºC to 50ºC, and that is the safe temperature for your battery, and it will last a lot longer and will hold charge better.

But if you’re using your laptop for intensive use, such as gaming or rendering, your cpu and hdd will reach more then 60ºC, and that kind of heat will negatively affect battery life in general.

Is it possible to charge laptop with power bank?

When it comes to charging a laptop batteries with power banks we need to consider a couple of things first.

If you have an older laptop with the regular power jack there’s no way to charge it with a power bank because power banks comes with the USB output to power other devices, such as mobile phones for example, and only way to charge older laptops is trough power jacks.

Some newer laptops comes with micro and mini USB ports built in, and if charging is supported through those ports than it’s possible to charge a laptop battery with a power banks.

And latest models of laptops comes with USB type C which is exclusively used to charge laptop batteries, beside other thing that regular USB type A can do.

So, the answer is clear, with an older laptops you can’t charge your batteries with a power banks  because they only have power jacks built in.

And with a newer laptops you can charge your laptop batteries with a power banks because they come with a USB type C built in, which can be used to charge your laptops.

Whether you have a power bank and your laptop is capable of charging through usb c port, you must check my amazing power bank care information’s.

Can laptops charge through USB?

Like with a power banks, older laptops can’t be charged with an USB, and newer laptops can be charge through USB.

Older laptops only have power jacks to charge batteries, and have USB type A built in, which is only used to power up other devices, not to receive power from other sources.

So, how to charge laptop battery with usb? In others, or newer laptops, manufacturers uses latest USB technology which is called USB type C.

This type is used to receive and give a charge. In other words you can charge your laptop battery through USB, specifically through this USB type C port.

Is it bad for a laptop to be plugged in all the time?

Laptop batteries are made from Lithium-Ion and Lithium-Polymer materials. They are built in such way that they can’t be overcharge, even if you leave power jack plugged in all the time.

Battery simply charge to a 100% and then stops, to prevent overcharge. After being fully charged, laptop starts using power directly from the power jack from wall outlet.

This is a myth, that if you leave laptop plugged in all the time that battery will stop holding charge like it was brand  new.

For battery degradation we must blame heat that is produced from cpu and hdd. If you are using your laptop only for light use, than your laptop battery will hold charge lot longer.

But if you are heavy gamer or use your laptop for some hard rendering, temperature will be much higher and that heat will affect battery life and will degrade laptop battery a lot faster.

Can I charge my laptop with my phone charger?

For most laptops today if you’re using standard phone chargers you can’t charge your laptops for a couple of reasons.

First off all phone chargers are different than laptop chargers. Laptop charging ports are using standard power jacks and you can’t physically plug phone charger jack into laptop charging port.

Today’s phones use mini USB type B for charging, and most of the laptops have standard power jack charging input ports.

But, latest laptops use USB type C port to charge their batteries, and yet latest phones also use USB type C to charge its batteries.

Even then, most of the phones USB type C chargers can’t supply enough electric current to charge laptop batteries, for phones that kind of current is ok, but laptops requires higher current in order to charging a battery.

When comparing phone charging  cables with laptop charging cables you can see that laptop charging cables are much thicker because they must pass a lot higher current through.

So, Older phone chargers can’t charge laptop batteries.

Newer can only if phone and laptop use USB type C port and phone also have quick charger with higher current ratings.

How to charge laptop battery without charger from my laptop, only with a phone charger? Only way is if you have latest laptop that have USB type C port, and also if you have phone with a same USB type, and power output ratings are within the laptop specs.

Can you charge a laptop with a different charger?

The answer is YES, NO and it depends on couple of factors.

First of all, different manufactures use different kind of laptop chargers.

Even if it’s from the same brand name but different type of laptops you can not use them interchangeable.

But, if you have two different laptop chargers, from two different brand names, and they are  with same size power plug and same voltage and amps ratings it is possible to use them interchangeable.

And yet in many cases, even if all of this ratings are the same, and if it is a some kind of smart charger it will not allow you to charge different laptops in the first place.

You must be careful when you consider to use different laptop charger because you can damage battery, they can even explode if you don’t know what you’re doing.

In most cases battery can be damaged, but you don’t want to destroy your battery, if it explode you will most likely destroy your laptop too, because of detonation. If, for some reason it gets damaged in some way, make sure to read my tips you need to know before battery replacement process.

If your charger is broken, your best bet is to buy a replacement charger for your laptop, even if it’s a second hand one.

It’s better to have something than nothing at all.

How many amps does a laptop charger draw?

Standard laptop chargers input power are rated for 100V – 240V, and for approximately 1 to 2 amps plus minus.

So, for the input amps, for what charger draw from the wall outlet is about 1 to 2 amps, depending on your laptop charger.

This kind of electric power current is AC current because it comes from the wall outlet.

If you want to know how many amps your laptop battery draw from the charger you must read it on your laptop charger adapter brick sticker.

It is labeled as output power for voltage and amps. And this numbers may vary because different brands and models of a laptops have different power requirements.

As of voltage it can be 14V, 16, 18v, 19V and so on. And as of amps it can be 3 amps and higher.

Electric power from laptop charger is DC current because it comes from adapter, laptop batteries and laptops requires DC current for charging and for powering laptops.

So, how many amps does a laptop charger draw it really depends on a laptop brand name and type power requirements.

And easiest way to tell that information is to read on the adapter brick sticker, just to make sure about those numbers.